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At wintertime, from april to october, we rent rooms per month (special price):

- central heated rooms
- Kitchen and living use
- Friendly & cozy ambient

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Lake Crossing

Lago Todo los Santo

Cruce de Lagos is a crossing between two lakes, one Chilean and the other Argentinean. For more details, please read on at Cruce Andino

We recommend not buying your tour ticket too far in advance, because the weather does not always cooperate. This trip is not cheap (but its very beautiful) – so, in the chance that the weather is unfavorable, we recommend taking a bus from Puerto Varas to Bariloche, which is much more economical.

There also is an even simpler version, where you can go by boat to Peulla (crossing the lake, Todo los Santos), and return in the same day to Puerto Varas.

You can buy your ticket for the lake crossing directly in the office, “Andina del Sur” in Puerto Varas - Street del Salvador 62 (Phone: 065 – 43 71 27) it´s located on the opposite side of the Casino in Puerto Varas.

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