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Wir suchen einen Praktikanten oder auch gerne eine etwas ältere Person die motiviert und verantwortungsvoll mithelfen will.

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At wintertime, from april to october, we rent rooms per month (special price):

- central heated rooms
- Kitchen and living use
- Friendly & cozy ambient

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Alerce’s Trees of thousands of years and Angelmo Fish Market

Half day trip

This is the only option to see Alerce trees without hours of trekking up in the mountains.  

With a short drive we will get directly  into a former private area (above 200 hectares) which now is in control of the national park “CONAF”

This Alerce trees survived like a miracle, because this piece of land was never touched in the whole history of Chile.

After a short, easy walk in untouched native forest we drive to the fish market Angelmo, were we can eat seefood and visit the handicraft market.

Logging of Alerce Fitzroya in colonial Chile began in 1599 and continued until 1976  when it became forbidden by law, although illegal logging still occasionally occurs.

In 1993 a specimen from Chile was found to be 3622 years old, making it the second oldest fully verified (by counting growth rings) age for any living tree species, after the Great Basin Bristlecone Pine.


min.2 persons / max.4 persons: $45.000 p.p.



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