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Working Holiday


Wir suchen einen Praktikanten oder auch gerne eine etwas ältere Person die motiviert und verantwortungsvoll mithelfen will.

Für die Monate

Oktober bis Dezember / Januar bis März

(über genauere Termine kann eine Absprache getroffen werden)

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At wintertime, from april to october, we rent rooms per month (special price):

- central heated rooms
- Kitchen and living use
- Friendly & cozy ambient

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Casa Azul Tours

We organize individual tours for you, …
that means 2 - max. 4 persons per excursion.

In our tours we show you, beyond of the highlights, places which normally are not part of current touristic stream.  

We know this Area, because we live and work since many years here. We do professional photography, collecting bonsai threes in nature, going fishing and our kids are growing  up in this Land.  So let us share with you our experience in this part of Chile.


Pick up some Ideas of us in the menu on the right side.

If you want make changes in the different tours, … for example just have a longer or shorter walks, …. No problem.

Casa Azul Hostal, Bed & Breakfast - Manzanal 66 corner Rosario, Puerto Varas, Chile (See Map)
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