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Volcano Osorno with option to Petrohue Waterfalls and Lake Todos Los Santos.
Private Tour
min.2 - max.4 persons

This tour we can offer you with 2 options:



First option:

Osorno Volcano  – trekking   (recommended)

On this trip we show you the two completely different faces of the Volcano Osorno.

Starting at sea level we drive up to 1240m vertical meters to the ski station (Total height of the volcano is 2652m). From point we set out walking over lava fields to the "Red Crater" and enjoy a beautiful view over the entire Lake Llanquihue, one of the biggest lakes in South America, the Rio Petrohué and the Andes across to the volcano Tronador, which forms the border with Argentina.

After the hike over pure lava fields, we have change of scenery, but we stay on the volcano as we cross a beautiful, 300+ years old coihue (southern beech) forest. This impressive forest evokes memories of classic fairy tales.

At the end of the tour we have a picnic together at a great vantage point and allow ourselves time to reflect on the day experience.

Total walking time: about 2.5 hours


min.2 persons - max.4 persons: $60.000 p.p.



Transport in Pick-up Truck
English speaking guide

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Second option:
Volcano Osorno, Petrohue Waterfalls and Lake Todos los Santos  (160 km)

On this tour we show you the three most important parts of Vicente Perez Rosales National Park.

We first drive up to the ski center on Volcano Osorno (1240m).  From here we can enjoy a beautiful view over Lake Llanquihue (one of the biggest lakes in South America), the Rio Petrohué and the Andes across to the Volcano Tronador, which forms the border with Argentina.

From the ski center the excursion continues to the “Red Crater”.
At the “Red Crater” you can walk (45 min. return trip) or you can take the ski lift (ticket price not included). Either way you should not miss this unforgettable view of the lava fields.

After this you have the option to have a hot chocolate at the ski center café or head straight back to the car to drive down the volcano. Next we will visit the famous waterfalls of Petrohue. These falls were created about 600 years ago and are located on basalt lava from Volcano Osorno. It is magnificent to see the turquoise water shooting over the black volcanic rock.

After visiting the waterfalls we drive now up to the Lake “Todos los Santos”, where we go on a 30 minute boat ride along the shores in the National Park Vicente Perez Rosales.

 On the end you can take a stroll along the lake. This place has a magical appeal with its views of the Andes and  numerous volcanoes. We drive back to Puerto Varas on the panoramic road along the South bank of Lake Llanquihue.

Food recommendation:
Bring sandwiches and a drink with you (we can talk about this before the tour). There are also delicious empanadas at the waterfalls.


min.2 persons - max.4 persons: $80.000 p.p.



Transport in Pick-up Truck
English speaking guide

Boat trip

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